How long does it take?
The engineered drawings and shire approvals generally take two weeks from deposit. The swimming pool construction takes one to two weeks, and the liner takes approximately two weeks to manufacture and install. In total, our swimming pools take around six weeks from deposit to handover.
How much does it cost?
The cost varies from project to project based on the size of the pool required, excavation needs etc. Unique Freeform Swimming Pools has constructed swimming pools ranging in price from $16,000 up to $110,000.
What if I change my mind about the design halfway through?
One of the major advantages of a liner pool is that the liner is not ordered until the swimming pool shell is completed. Walls can be moved, steps can be altered, and the costs for this are minimal.
Does our pool come with a guarantee?

Unique Freeform Swimming Pools are structurally guaranteed for 30 years.

I’m a tradesman; can I save some money by doing some of the work myself?
Unique Freeform Pools can supply materials and instructions for DIY. We can be involved in as much or as little of the construction as you wish.